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- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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"Some day she will walk out that door and come back only when she has time. Make sure that she wants to come back."
- John Klima, One of my favorite posts I ever wrote
The first rule of aggressive bag-pipe playing is to get out of the way of the things you play it at.
- "Undine Love" by Kathleen Jennings,
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
There's one more thing you should know about the art disease. It's highly contagious.
- "The Art Disease" by Dennis Danvers, Electric Velocipede

The domestic patterning of the activity of folding clothes is extended in this work to include pairs of gloves as they are hung out to dry, also recalling the absent presence of their former wearers.
- Parramasala events - Art
Hey…uh…do you think I could buy you dinner or something? You can always blow up the world afterwards.
Bob, in Flash Hole by Ethan Fode
Beit Shemesh's growing ultra-Orthodox population has erected street signs calling for the separation of sexes on the sidewalks, dispatched "modesty patrols" to enforce a chaste female appearance and hurled stones at offenders and outsiders. Walls of the neighborhood are plastered with signs exhorting women to dress modestly in closed-necked, long-sleeved blouses and long skirts.
- Aron Heller, Israeli girl's plight highlights Jewish extremism, Associated Press
Those who are outwardly lawless and wicked often are heard saying, "for God's sake" or "for Christ's sake." It is done in an irreverent, blasphemous way. Those who are more cultured use substitutes: "for Goodness sake" "for Pete's sake" "for the love of Mike" "for crying out loud" etc."
- Minced Oaths: An important message for believers
These books are so dark that no light can escape their gravitational pull.
- Spencer Pate, reviewing David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet, Light of Lost Words
A timberyard lies just beyond the dust, welcoming the felled hearts of Borneo on flatbeds of diesel.
– budak, Fuelings, The annotated budak
He has the most distorted ideas about wit and humour.
Arthur Herman Gilkes, headmaster, in his report to the parents of P.G. Wodehouse
the unpleasant, acrid smell of burned poetry
P.G. Wodehouse,  The Fiery Wooing of Mordred
Could Homo sapiens' sizeist prejudice be holding back progress? Psychologists have been hinting at it for years, but we always assumed they were all crazy feminists driven to studying because they can't bake a decent pie.
- Kate Oliver, Massive particles 'too fat to come out in public', LabLit
The more successful a children's book is, the more adult readers there are.
– A.C.E. Bauer, It's just a children's book, The Virtuous Medlar Circle
I slightly mourn the more whimsical names but their time was past.
- Sue Povey, quoted in Bye-bye boojums; Are scientists losing their sense of fun? New Scientist, 20/27 December 2008
I bought a paperback and read it. I set my alarm watch for 6:30. The paperback scared me so badly that I put two guns under my pillow. It was about a guy who bucked the hoodlum boss of Milwaukee and got beaten up every fifteen minutes. I figured that his head and face would be nothing but a piece of bone with a strip of skin hanging from it. But in the next chapter he was gay as a meadow lark. Then I asked myself why I was reading this drivel when I could have been memorizing The Brothers Karamosov.
- Raymond Chandler, find the book
I find people almost as fascinating as insects.
– The Dragonfly Woman, The Economics of Insect Collections
As a rule excited readers can be successfully calmed down by means of scholarly biology lectures, e.g. featuring the properties of allium cepa or the difference between mitosis and meiosis. Please note that it might be unwise to mention tardigrades in presence of those biology teachers who have never heard of them.
- Martin Mach, The Tardigrades (water bear) Web Base
Mysteriously absent from a Norwegian frozen pizza is the thick layer of grease found on Canadian frozen pizzas.
- The Norway Post, A Canadian discovers brown cheese 9 Dec '09
"Did you want the Sherlock Holmes with witches" the waitress asks in the low, weary voice of someone who has been lectured on the preservation of literature too many times today.
- Tansy Rayner Roberts, "Relentless Adaptations", in the Sprawl anthology
Eliot’s continued popularity may be due to the fact that plagiarism seems to have acquired a certain cachet in recent years.
- Spencer Pate, Poetic Justice: Rediscovering the Life and Work of Madison Cawein
“Just” as a creative concept does not exist.
- Val Littlewood, Deborah's Bee Book, Pencil and Leaf
Was dirt the first thing Adam tasted? Was God’s beard brushing against his chin the first thing Adam felt? When he slept, did he dream of God stealing his rib, and did it crack when it came away from him? What did he make of Eve and the fact that she was the only woman for him to marry? Was he thankful it wasn’t Amy Lash?
- Jeffrey Ford, Creation, Fantasy Magazine
Just adding filler does not a good book make, any more than doubling the amount of flour in a cake recipe makes for a better cake. All you end up with is a dry, tasteless, crumbly mess.
- Brian Baker, Amazon review
. . . consider the heartbreaking, lost-innocence flavor of cashmere.
- a young moth, quoted by Peter S. Beagle in "The Fable of the Moth", in the delicious collection, The Line Between
I am not ashamed to admit that my memory is imperfect. Because the practice of chest radiography encompasses the entire breadth of medical knowledge it is very difficult to consider all the possibilities for the different patterns of chest radiography.
    As a resident, I memorized a list based on tunafish. Unfortunately, this was difficult to remember because it had nothing to do with interstitial lung disease.
- Chest
When the sun is beating down and the lizards are running, a roof, a chair and 10-cent bottles of Apache Beer can bring a lot of forgiveness.
– Leo W. Banks, Murderous Madam, Tucson Weekly
You're so lucky to live in Malaysia. It's one of the best places in the world to study invertebrates.
– Ben Goldfarb, Fishileaks
I think we’re breeding a generation of people who trust what they see on a computer screen over their own experiences, their own senses."
Matthew Kressel, I Am Not My Data, Senses Five Press
[Stephanie] Cutter is a Nanette Lepore/Milly/Theory gal.
- Lisa DePaulo, Lovely & Amazing: The Women in DC Power List, in Life-Love/Society-Career-Power/, Elle
We ended up gassing most of the way through Eric Clapton’s set, but we only got called up for it during the awful and maudlin Tears In Heaven when the woman sitting behind us leaned forward and politely informed us that we were ruining her favourite song. We bit back out initial reaction which was to tell her that her taste was in her arse, and if any song should be drowned out in any way possible, it was that one. We bit it back because the follow-up realisation was that she was right.
– Neil Williamson, Etiquette of Silence
Let's talk about the disparity between developed countries and developing countries. I'm worrying about this issue because I currently live in a developed country and am paid in its currency. If I were living in Malaysia, earning in ringgit? Frankly, I would not give a shit. There's a meme that Malaysians don't read and you know why? Money. Books are freaking expensive. The average English language paperback retails for RM40 -- in Malaysia I could have seven or eight meals for that amount of money. And that's assuming the book I'm interested in is even available in the country.
- Qian, ebook piracy
Anything old can be made new by the right writer.
Ellen Datlow
"Convince a group of Gentoo penguins that it is your birthday and you want to treat them to some Minty-Fresh Export-Quality Aadi Velli Special Non-Cola Cola to celebrate."
Kuzhali Manickavel,
"A Basic Guide to Instigating Violence Among Gentoo Penguins in the Tropicool Icy-land Urban Indian Slum", Diagram
In a badly designed book, the letters mill and stand like starving horses in a field. In a book designed by rote, they sit like stale bread and mutton on the page. In a well-made book, whre designer, compositor and printer have all done their jobs, no matter how many thousands of lines and pages they must occupy, the letters are alive. They dance in their seats. Sometimes they rise and dance in the margins and aisles.
Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style version 3.2
Wise, beautiful, indispensable. Pages to pages, this is the bible worth taking to heart.
The main disadvantage of cesium as a metal for jewelry is that it explodes on contact with skin.- Theodore Gray, The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe,
by Theodore Gray, Nick Mann
Gray calls this book "the definitive be-all, end-all book of the elements" but I think that claim is too modest. This is what art books should be, filled with gorgeous pictures — such as the saucer of light blue liquid oxygen that would freeze a lapping tongue, the beaded artificial hip joint that looks made for a Sumerian king, and an "elegant vanadian sculpture, actually a tiny chip cut from a vanadium cylinder on a lathe." But even if the book had no pictures, it would be great. Gray is hilarious. I can't resist this quote from his first paragraph in Hydrogen (his italics):
Our sun alone consumes six hundred million tons of hydrogen per second, converting it into five hundred and ninety-six million tons per second. Even at night.
Not one to decline offers of free food and beverages, my duck thought it a shame to pass up a lunchtime treat of stir-fried mopane worms with snow peas. Belonging to the same family as the Atlas moth, mopane worms are Sub-Saharan delicacies that feed largely on the mopane tree and are harvested in vast numbers as a cheap source of protein and to serve hungry football fans.
    But like most things good for you, the worms are sadly overrated as culinary ingredients.
- "Budak", Worms in my salad
Any specimen the camera spots which fails to match its pre-programmed ideal of carrotness is marked down as condemned, a jet of air is fired at it with infernal precision, and the misfit is blasted down into a chasm below . . .
- Tristram Stuart, in Waste
Just when you thought you couldn't stomach another shrill, depressing, stilted and self-righteous "environmental" book, Stuart puts out Waste. This is a highly entertaining, deeply informative, and refreshingly positive look at how we live, with many recommendations that make sense.
Salvatore stayed with us until the end of the war. He learnt to speak English and to ride a horse and drive a tractor, and became quite a good stockman ... He was a wizard at rolling a cigarette with one hand and he picked up such a good vocabulary of swear words that even the sheep dogs could understand him.
- Judith Wallace, Memories of a Country Childhood, University of Queensland Press, 1977
I maintain that all children should be forced to learn the piano – after that, you can read the music for anything else.- Tanaudel, Illustration Friday: Music
It's the sort of restaurant where all the patrons are out-of-town tourists.
- Michael Swanwick
We ... would never condone the use of the word "hip."
- Anticraft: Knitting, Beading, and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister
One man even ended up stuck in wet concrete after wading in to pick up a stray biscuit. Custard creams get a risk rating of 5.63, the highest of all.
- The Telegraph, "Crumbs: half of Britons injured by biscuits on coffee break, survey reveals"
Parents be warned-- although this book is ostensibly a children's book, it is not what you'd call politically correct (Which means baby-sitters and relatives roped into reading a bedtime story to the kids will find it far more bearable than the usual fare!)
- Lela Dowling, description of The Impudent Child's Picture Book of Poetry
written and illustrated by her.
Health scare of the week
- headline, The Week 16 Oct 2009
Both my parents were given to telling medical stories — stories which might start from a description of a pathological condition or operation, and extend to an entire biography. My mother, especially, would tell such stories, to her students and colleagues, to dinner guests, or to anyone who was around . . . I would occasionally see the milkman or the gardener transfixed, listening to one of her clinical tales.
- Oliver Sacks, Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood (one of my favourite books, and the best antidote to today's over-parenting)
Grammars, like theatre, call for a suspension of disbelief.- Tim Mackintosh-Smith, Yemen: Travels in Dictionary Land
Quidquid latinae dictum sit, altum videtur
Whatever is said in Latin is profound.
- Philip Matyszak, "Useful phrases", Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a Day
He also tells you how to say (in "Dating") "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" and a host of other useful phrases.
Punsters are perhaps the people who best understand the flexibility of language and the power to go beyond numerical limitations. For instance, it is difficult (if not impossible) to find a joke without a dirty word or obscenity in it. Here is one with no obscenities that demonstrates the dexterity of the English language. 
- Tony Deyal, Pun my word, Trinidad & Tobago Express
Controversial plans to legislate government spending on election campaigns is not being met with welcome support from the company community.- Promotional stress toys (Australia)
Crime novels never end well.
- China Miéville, on Crime Novels, in John Scalzi's blog
That's a richt glottnit ee, what in the name o the wee man did you do to get a poke in the ee like that?
- Scottish Words illustrated
An anthropogenic photon soup floods village and cities, drowning out the view of the stars.
- Marco Evers, The Death of the Night, Der Spiegel
I rather like the fact that you have the title of Distinguished Professor as it suggests that you can be promoted to the next level of Extinguished Professor, much in the same way as one wants to elevate some Visiting Lecturers to Non-Visiting Lecturers.
- Sydney Brenner, "Then the full professor", Loose Ends from Current Biology, Current Biology, London, 1997
Maudeen was special in many ways. Her song began with a low-pitched creeeeak like a rusty iron cemetery gate being forced open.
-  Sue Weaver, The Donkey Companion: Selecting, Training, Breeding, Enjoying & Caring for Donkeys
(This is the definitive book on donkeys. Even if you don't think you're interested in one of earth's most intelligent species (not to mention the finest proportioned of equines) this enticer will draw you in. Great historic pictures and bray-tales, too.)
Over the weekend I spotted a couple of frogs hanging out in my garden, enjoying the flowers. The first was this huge Leopard Frog, who seemed to take a liking to the Love-Lies-Bleeding.
- Seabrooke Leckie, Frogs in the Garden,
The Marvelous in Nature
For years I have been saying that Brazil could benefit from at least one beer that is not a replica of Bud Light—and I finally found it.
- Scott Solomon, Brazil's Other Rainforest, The Ant Hunter
When I woke up, I thought about the dream and wondered what the music in old age homes would be like in another twenty years when I'm no longer just observing. I pictured a crowd of old farts, leaning this way and that, some asleep, some hooked up to oxygen, some whispering to themselves, and half of them half crazy. Up in front there will be a middle aged woman at the piano, playing a wobbly, slowed down, 'Black Magic Woman,' striking every note as if with a hammer.
- Jeffrey Ford, Stones Hour in the Activity Room, 14theditch
The owl says nothing. It is not, after all, a talking owl.
- Karen M. Roberts, Awakening in Six Parts, New Fiction in Futurismic
In Rome, priests stand for election like anyone else (though the emperor might announce the winner in advance)
- Ibid.
(This book gets my Best Travel Book Prize with Extra Cheese, for being the most informative, dryly amusing, and easiest-to-use travel book ever [and I've torn up and stamped with both feet on some], as you don't even have to leave your chair or time to enjoy this travel experience, let alone tip Philip Matyszak, your delightful guide.)

It seems books, too, were improved by the sea—dipped into it, even the slimmest plumped up.
- Steve Aylett, Fain the Sorcerer

Do I really need to be able to read Akkadian? Or Egyptian hieroglyphs? It's all very tempting, but I know I can resist the WTF BEGINNER'S SUMERIAN.
- Kate Orman, News from the House of Sticks

Ambrose Rokewood was one of the peripheral gunpowder plot members and he was hanged drawn and quartered (no decimals then) in the Westminster Palace Yard on my birthday.
- Richard Wittenoom, private correspondence (with his permission)

The ramen is something that all grad students (and post-docs) keep in their desks for emergencies.
Sci's Guide to Lab Cuisine by  Synaptic Misfires

There can be few more fertile interchanges between science and lore than that which has revolved for centuries around Cryptogams. - Giles Watson, Cryptogams: Poems about their secret lives

If my hands are god’s hands, and god’s hands are mine,
And god has no hands of his own
There’s nothing that I can achieve with god’s help
I can’t do myself, all alone."
- the first verse of God's Hands by "The Digital Cuttlefish"
Buy the book
The Digital Cuttlefish, Vol. 1
A list of “great” poets will look quite a bit different from a list of “perfect” poets, which may have almost no overlap with a list of “spectacular” poets, which in turn may be completely different from a list of “sublime” poets.
- David Orr, The Great(ness) Game, New York Times, Feb 22, 2009
Poetry can strike without regard or respect for occupation.
- Hal G.P. Colebatch, Quadrant
Singles go out to eat black noodles and commiserate over their lonely hearts.
- Sharanya Manivannan, Black noodles and Shiv Sena wine, Express buzz
Wear darker colors so that if something spills on you, it won’t be too noticeable.
- Priyamvada Gupta, 10 ways a date could go wrong, The Tartan (Carnegie Mellon's student newspaper)
My Dear Tommy,
  You and I have long cherished an affection for that elementary type of tale which Americans call the 'dime novel' and which we know as the 'shocker' – the romance where the incidents defy the probabilities, and march just inside the borders of the possible. During an illness last winter I exhausted my store of those aids to cheerfulness, and was driven to write one for myself. This little volume is the result, and I should like to put your name on it in memory of our long friendship, in the days when the wildest fictions are so much less improbable than facts.
- John Buchan, dedication, The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915)
A group of passionate pear lovers is promoting these unsung heroes of the fruit world.
- Sarah Hudson, Pear Fest for sweet morsels
"I bought a paperback and read it. I set my alarm watch for 6:30. The paperback scared me so badly that I put two guns under my pillow. It was about a guy who bucked the hoodlum boss of Milwaukee and got beaten up every fifteen minutes. I figured that his head and face would be nothing but a piece of bone with a strip of skin hanging from it. But in the next chapter he was gay as a meadow lark. Then I asked myself why I was reading this drivel when I could have been memorizing The Brothers Karamosov."
- Raymond Chandler, find the book
The whole plan hinged upon the natural curiosity of potatoes.
- Stanislaw Lem, "The twenty-fifth voyage", The Star Diaries
I slightly mourn the more whimsical names but their time was past.
- Sue Povey, quoted in Bye-bye boojums; Are scientists losing their sense of fun? New Scientist, 20/27 December 2008
The 44th President of the United States may have had a tough speech to deliver, but as statements of conciliation go, of humility and of confidence, it was a cake-walk compared with the task facing his wife. Frankly, could there be a tougher decision than choosing the First Lady’s inauguration outfit?- Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Editor, First Lady passes fashion test, The Times
I want to see the beginning of a shared responsibility by people, not just white, not black, not any one people, but together. . .
I hope the time comes when we can just be who we are and not worry or believe that, if we call ourselves something else, we'll get better attention, better treatment.
I hope that we get to the point, not because we're Christians or Jews or Muslims, but because we're human. And we want to be treated, we need to be treated, not one taking advantage, but all recognizing that there won't be peace -- there may be quiet or silence -- but it won't be peace."
- Ella Mae Johnson
Stop Googling myself. The people who say flattering things, you decide are mad. The people who say unflattering things make you want to kill yourself.
- James Delingpole, a New Year's Resolution, The Spectator, 3 Jan '09
Browne put his problem this way: "It has been maddeningly impossible for me to read in print any word, phrase, or idiom without questing for the amusingly irrelevant anagrams or double meanings built in."  In short, Browne was addicted to crosswords and other word games. He once walked with his wife to Machu Picchu in Peru. From the moment he observed that "picchu" was an anagram of "hiccup", the long-lost Inca city lost some of its magic.
- Always a crossword, the obituary of Lindsey Browne, Cruciverbalist 1915-2003, Sydney Morning Herald
"It is not what I don't understand in the Bible that worries me - it's what I do understand."
- Mark Twain
When the chances are a million to one, some see only the million, some only the one.
- Greg Baum, Time for cricket to go into bat to support India, The Age (Melbourne, Australia)
They just don't make movies like 'Australia' any more. And we are all the better for it.
- Brandon Fibbs (honestly!), review, The Colorado Springs Gazette
A German animated film...exists, however, due to its mature content, it was not imported for North American audiences.
-Wikipedia, about the filmFelidae, based on Akif Pirinçci's first novel in his Felidae series
Many of the most important specimens in the world are held in cigar boxes.
-Stephen Jay Gould, Finders, Keepers: Eight Collectors by Rosamund Wolff Purcell & Stephen Jay Gould (the glorious photography is by Purcell), Pimlico, 1993
In this town, it's easier to hail a cab in the rain at 5 p.m. than it is to kick a local lawmaker out of office.
- Clyde Haberman, Bloomberg got what he wanted but at what Price? The New York Times
But pretending to douse flames that you are busy fanning does not qualify as straight talk.
- Khaled Hosseini, (author of "The Kite Runner" and "A Thousand Splendid Suns") McCain and Palin are playing with fire, The Washington Post
I'm thinking of making 10-foot diameter records and installing them in places where they're likely to be covered in lava someday. The goal is to play the resulting stone records on 15-foot hand-cranked Victrolas.
- Walter Kitundu
To watch a cinnamon peeler at work is akin to witnessing a magic show where the hand appears to be quicker than the eye.
- Ian Hemphill, Spice Notes: A cook's compendium of herbs and spices
Food will win the war, and the nation whose food resources are best conserved will be the victor.
- C. Houston Goudiss and Alberta M. Goudiss, Foods that Will Win the War and How to Cook Them (1918)
New pups are cute, but the old ones are our best friends.
- Gene Weingarten, Celebrating the Older Dog, The Washington Post  
The wild world is becoming so remote to children that they miss out, and an interest in the natural world doesn't grow as it should. Nobody is going protect the natural world unless they understand it.
- Sir David Attenborough, Attenborough alarmed as children left flummoxed...The Independent

How can you debate against a tape recorder? comment by "Winnetoo" to "The VP Debate" Post-partisan, The Washington Post, 2 Oct 2008

Faster than the speed of spin
- The Fact Check Wire
Traditional bank branches are often quite masculine, sterile places, so the new design incorporates more earthy tones with wood and cork flooring and feature lighting.
- "National Expansion", BankWest, Australia
Reaction both here and in Beijing has been largely unanimous.
- World News Australia, SBS, 26/08/08
We appear to have been told off in gym today, for not being friendly. This is at least observant.
- David Carroll
Holidays in the BlackBerry era can be divided into two categories: "soft" (where the vacationer stays in radar contact and continues to exercise his thumbs) and "hard (when he staves off divorce by switching everything off).
- "Bagehot", The Economist, Aug 23 '08
Like brambles fences are rising rampantly around us.
What would happen if a patch of embroided wire would meet with and continue as an industrial fence. Hostility versus kindness, industrial versus craft.
- Demakersvan (design house), The Lace Fence
Why wait until a world event happens before writing about it?- Steve Aylett, Interview with Andrew Oldham, Incorporating Writing, "Author of LINT wades in"
We may cancel, suspend or restrict your Service by giving you as much prior notice as we reasonably can if:
a) the law requires us to do so; or
b) you die
- Telstra Next G Network User Guide
The very nature of a cucumber sandwich makes it poor throwing.
- P.G. Wodehouse, "Open House", Mulliner Nights
Sensationalism is a grossly undervalued and misrepresented effect of fiction.
Alistair Rennie, On the spot at Fantasybookspot
12 New Body Shapes  
- Cosmopolitan cover story
Smythe drained his glass and placed it meaningfully on the table. I did the same, a trifle more meaningfully.
- David Langford, "The Case of Jack the Clipper" in The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy II edited by Mike Ashley
McDonalds on Mars - Constructed with crystals of Cibachrome bleach, protein, and the microscope field diaphragm.
- Michael W. Davidson and The Florida State University, Microscapes
He looked much more like a parrot than most parrots do.
- P.G. Wodehouse, Three Men and a Maid
We often convince ourselves while we argue.
- Maybanke Anderson, "Should we tell the children?" The Woman's Voice, Australia,1895
Q: Is Britain the worst country to grow up in?
- New Statesman Poll, London, April 2008
A: Yes. Except for Sudan, DRC, Iraq, Palestine and Belgium."
- Jane Greene, in comments from readers
As a citizen of Burma and an elected representative, I want to stress that, pursuing diplomatic options to convince an intransigent regime like the Burma generals, is like waiting for people to die and time is something that the people of Burma do not have.
- Sein Win, the prime minister in exile of Burma,
No Time Left for Diplomatic Options by Lalit K Jha,
The following recipe is compulsory for all entrants . . . NOTE: to ensure uniformity and depending upon the size, it is suggested that the raisins be snipped into 2 or 3 pieces, cherries into 4-6 pieces and almonds crosswise into 3-4 pieces.
- The Agricultural Societies Council of New South Wales Rich Fruit Cake Competition, (common rule for Australian country show competitions, though with  different compulsory recipes, see for instance Victoria's "Boiled Fruit Cake")
Your agonies
- Agony mail form, Agony Masi,
Shop all the time.
- Melissa Penfold, "Be a brilliant shopper", House & Garden Magazine (Australia) March 2008
... mouse buttons that mimic foot pedals . . . a little more flash than dash for a whole lot of of cash.
- David Flynn, Acer Ferrari laptop review, Sydney Morning Herald, March 17, 2008
In a swarm you seldom see a love bug without a partner flying upside down above it, though this arrangement makes for a very low flying speed.
- William Joseph, "Lord of the flies",The Last Word, New Scientist, 15 March 2008
Palmerston North police were faced with a prickly problem during a drink-drive blitz on Milson Line on Friday night when a hedgehog tried to cross their checkpoint.
- Hedgehog gets police escort,The Dominion Post, New Zealand, 17 March 2008
Since the dawn of time, the pie has been central to the evolution and survival of man.
- Matthew Mumford's Pie of the Day
Trevor Hickman is without doubt the greatest expert on the history and development of the Melton Mowbray pork pie.
- review of The History of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie by Trevor Hickman
"It is very difficult to remain the unchallenged leader in Italian fine-dining in a city where people go on Tuscan holidays and hold forth on Sicilian wines as if both were going out of fashion."
-review of La Piazza Pizza Paradiso restaurant, New Delhi, in the 2006 Destination India Travel Planner, Cross Section Publications, India (Rs. 800)
The balmy night air wraps around you, the candlelight sparkles in your partner's eyes, and somewhere in a secret kitchen out of sight and earshot a German chef called Thomas is busy creating culinary delights - like Maine lobster  ...
review of a "hidden gem" resort in Thailand, "where the dark seashore is gradually illuminated by the swaying lamps of shrimp boats"
- Matthew Brace, Hotel Heaven, Confessions of a Luxury Hotel Addict, Random House Australia, 2007
Some Italian restaurants do make an attempt at putting hamburger on the menu, but hey, what's the point? It would be like eating spaghetti made by Russians.
- "Restaurants in Rome",
Burger     Burger
- "And to eat", Hindi Phrase Book & Dictionary, Berlitz 2006
Sadly, as with most popular fiction, it was too ephemeral and too entertaining to warrant critical examination.
- Toni Johnson-Woods author of Pulp: A Collector’s Book of Australian Pulp Fiction Covers
Civilisation is the agreement to have gaps between wars.
- Steve Aylett, Lint
But how do we make them order lattes for $2.45 or one of those sentence-long, code word-riddled, fat and sugar-packed nightmares for $3.75? Easy. Make the coffee horribly nasty. Think about it. How many people have you seen go into Starbucks and just order a cup of coffee? Now you know why. Seriously, the stuff is like yak ass.
- Daniel Brown, Star. Bucks. See? Now you get it. Food and Whining
Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself. Mankind. Basically, it's made up of two separate words–'mank' and 'ind.' What do these words mean? It's a mystery, and that's why so is mankind.
- Jack Handey, Deeper Thoughts
Green meetings are becoming increasingly popular, according to the Green Meeting Industry Council"
- Elisabeth Rosenthal, Business of Green, International Herald Tribune
Moths are severely underrated.
Budak, of the delightful Annotated Budak
It is difficult to outwit leeches.
- Leeches Fact Sheet, the (Australian) Wet Tropics Management Authority and the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency, based on the Tropical Topics newsletters edited by Stella Martin
Perhaps nothing will spark a lengthy dissertation from an entomologist more quickly than calling a spider a 'bug.'
- Jeremy Bruno, Why spiders aren't insects (a 3-part series) The Voltage Gate
"Acid brights are in, as our verdant campus displayed on Darfur Awareness Day, but some hues have yet to see the sun. Try red, canary yellow (none of this pastel nonsense) and drenched purple. The result pops, adds interest to staid outfits, but requires a little bravery to pull off."
- Loren Olsen, "Spring Fashion Returns Despite Cold Weather", The News: The Student Newspaper of Choate Rosemary Hall
Worms working in Atchafalaya
- headline, Opelousas Daily World, Louisiana
We aim to meet most client requests within one year, although crocodile bags and the even rarer matte crocodile-skin Birkins ($37,000) require longer lead times.
Hermes spokesperson, Sydney Morning Herald, "Fashion: Spring Summer 2007"
In my mind there is nothing so illiberal and so ill-bred as audible laughter.
- Lord Chesterfield (1694-1773)
This book is intended primarily for those who desire to take up the study of Entomology and should therefore be of particular value in primary and secondary schools.
- Life Stories of Australian Insects by Mabel N. Brewster, Agnes A. Brewster, and Naomi Crouch, Dymocks Book Arcade, Sydney, 1946
In my experience far too many people read an encyclopedia article and think they now know something about the subject they looked up.
- Duane Smith, The problem with Wikipedia, Abnormal Interests
"We're seeing about 120,000 new weblogs being created worldwide each day."
-now one born every second, The Guardian
Why venture out into space to try and find bizarre life forms, when you can be assured of finding them right here on Earth? Science, review of The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures Of The Abyss, Claire Nouvian, ed.
If it engaged my sense of wonder it was for questions like, why are so many films with significant science content so bad?
-Marcus Chown, review of Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle , New Scientist, 7 April 2007
If you study Latin long enough, you start to write strange English.
- Glenda Warren Carl
Because the pleasures of reading are inseparable from the surprises, secrets and revelations that all narratives contain, we strongly advise you to enjoy this book before turning to the Introduction.
- Keith Carabine, introduction to an Introduction in a Wordsworth Classic, Wordsworth Editions
Defect Details: The warning label may, in use, absorb water, soften and fall apart
-  Reason for a bath support's recall under Australian law.
Shoes both protect feet as well as, when incompatible in size and shape, present exciting factors in inflammatory conditions e.g. bunion.
- Cameron Kippen, The History of Shoes: Shoe Making Website  (a huge and fascinating place)
Each household had a still brewing this 'acqua santa' or holy water.
- Pietro Demaio, grappa recipe notes, Preserving the Italian Way
The art of portrait painting has outscaled the art of landscape painting. Maybe that says something about ego.- Edmund Capon, director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, quoted in A very big head takes the Archibald Prize, Sydney Morning Herald
There is far more diversity and complexity of interactions in the invisible world than in the visible realm. The bacterial world could function quite satisfactorily without visible living organisms, just as it did in the Beginning, but the reverse is not the case.
- Mary E. White, Earth Alive!
Mere poets are sottish as mere drunkards are, who live in a continual mist, without seeing or judging anything clearly. A man should be learned in several sciences, and should have a reasonable, philosophical and in some measure a mathematical head, to be a complete and excellent poet.
- John Dryden, Notes and Observations on The Empress of Morocco, 1674
The usual excuse of junk food companies is that their products are supposed to be treats consumed only occasionally. Cottee's can hardly mount this defence when it promotes a beverage nearly as sugary as Coke as an "everyday" drink. If a child got half her daily recommended water intake from cordial, she would consume nearly 2½ kilograms of sugar in a month.
- Lisa Pryor, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald about Cottee's Cordial from Cadbury Schweppes, whose ads say, "Kids like water. Cottee's makes it fun."
Spam Classic
- recipe from Presidents made their mark on America's food customs , Marie Hoyer's Recipes and Reflections column, The Prairie Star
The booming insolvency specialist industry was riven by sudden investor doubts yesterday as two of the biggest players issued profit warnings.
- The Times (UK)
I wouldn’t have minded if it had come out as a kids’ book, to be sold at a price that would allow the kid to tear it up with a clear conscience.
- Norman Lindsay, about his book, The Magic Pudding
This beautifully produced gift book is the essential modern compendium to being a woman in the 21st century - from Brazilian waxes to coping with the failure and success of friends.
- Australian bookseller's catalogue blurb (on the Mind Body Spirit page) for Pleasure: An Almanac for the Heart by Nikki Gemmell
For those who want to have a quiet meal in, they can visit the hotel’s Tactics Brassiere and Bar.
- Hotel press release, Auckland
I think most people understand the nature of MySpace: it's for fun, so it doesn't matter if it's "real" or not.
- Confessions of a MySpacer: Just can't get e-nough, New Scientist, 20 Dec 2006
Santa's fingers feel like human. Why?
- a child's question to his father in India, letter to (Mumbai) "City Uncanned", "To tell or not to tell"
She went to bed, and instead of lying awake all night like an orthodox heroine, wetting her pillow with tears, she fell asleep at once, and slept profoundly.
from Martha Brown, The Heiress; Collection of British Authors. vol 581, published by Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig, 1861 (author's name delightfully omitted)
At present, of course, I am not the author of The Irrational Knot. Physiologists inform us that the substance of our bodies (and consequently of our souls) is shed and renewed at such a rate that no part of us lasts longer then eight years: I am therefore not now in any atom of me the person who wrote The Irrational Knot in 1880. The last of that author perished in 1888;  and two of his successors have since joined the majority.  Fourth of his line, I cannot be expected to take any very lively interest in the novels of my literary greatgrand-father.
- George Bernhard Shaw, preface, The Irrational Knot
Purchasing a toothbrush has become one of life's most traumatic experiences.
- Victor Baskir, letter,
Sydney Morning Herald, 23 October 2006
One particular incident fired my interest in nature. One mild, overcast Sunday afternoon I was helping my father sieve soil for the garden, anticipating exciting finds with every spade of soil turned over . . .
- Bert Brunet, Australian Insects: A Natural History
One big manufacturer dumbfounded us by saying, "We don't consider wholemeal flour to be a characterising ingredient in wholemeal bread."
- The Australian Consumers' Association, "Bread and superbread",Choice, September 2006
Our attempts to understand the biology of human behaviour cannot move forward until we try to explain things as they are, not as we would like them to be.
- Rebecca M. Young & Evan Balaban, "Psychoneuroindoctrinology", review of The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine,
Nature, 12 October 2006

Aspartame, the newcomer among artificial sweeteners, was discovered by chance in 1965 when another research chemis, James M. Schlatter, noticed that his fingers were sweet (these stories make one wonder about the standards of laboratory hygiene).
- Harold McGee, On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
When the first Xerox machine came along it was cutting edge, even though it regularly caught on fire.
- Rae Raphael

In all my retirements, I have so far been able to avoid attending the celebrations of the final symposium and the farewell dinner where I would be presented with some absolutely useless gift to be used in my retirement . . . I hope that the editor will allow me to use this column to let anybody who may be planning a party for me know that I would very much like a multiprocessor work station and an electron microscope as parting gifts.
- Sydney Brenner, "A retiring fellow", Loose ends from Current Biology, Current Biology (1997)

My son has just sat his HSC (Higher School Certificate) English exam. He has gone through all his schooling in English without being required to read a 19th-century novel.
- Susannah Fullerton, letter to ed.,
Sydney Morning Herald, 23 October 2006
While some people may not believe it, sometimes we actually do get bored working with computers.
- Urban Potato Art
"Watching insects having sex brings our own, insignificant sexual obsessions into perspective."
- Steve Baker, reviewing Microcosmos 
Do not obtain your slaves from Britain because they are so stupid and utterly incapable of being taught that they are not fit to form part of the household of Athens.
- Marcus Cicero, 77 BC
Surely no one outside France cares whether the yolk is exactly in the middle of a boiled egg, and the English-speaking world, which is presumably the target for this edition, probably cares even less than the rest.
- John Piggot, "A question of taste", review in Nature (June 2006) of Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor by Hervé This
Mr Silvers may have not had ideals, but be unquestionably knew what to do when you handed him a still and a potato.
- P.G. Wodehouse, Men in Spats
Every hour, over 12 million cattle dung pats are dropped onto Australian soil. This means that each year, the 30 million cattle in Australia cover over 20,000 square kilometres of grazing land with their dung.
- Karl S. Kruszelnicki, Karl Trek, "Dung beetles"
"The caterpillar is one creature, at least, the may openly proclaim it lives to eat."
- Robert Evans Snodgrass, Insects: Their Ways and Means of Living
Among the many fatalities attending the bloom of young desire, that of blindly taking to the confectionery line has not, perhaps, been sufficiently considered.
- George Eliot, Brother Jacob
Garry Coombe's downfall was his stutter. Charged with assaulting his wife, his speech impediment in court was mistaken for dishonesty. He was convicted after the magistrate did not believe his evidence because there was "a noticeable tremor in his voice".
   Fear of stammering caused him to pause before replying so that he could think of words that were easier to pronounce.
- Tim Dick, "How slip of the tongue meant justice wasn't done", The Sydney Morning Herald, August 3, 2006
The producer of Ritalin, Novartis, has even launched a picture book for children that tells the story of the octopus Hippihop, who gets "terribly scolded" because he is "everywhere and nowhere" and prone to accidents and mishaps. Fortunately, the turtle doctor knows what Hippihop has: an attention-deficit syndrome. Moreover, it knows what Hippi lacks: a small white tablet.
- Jörg Blech, Time to resist the illness industry, New Scientist
The physician, with his medical art and his drugs,
Cannot avert a summons that has come,
What ails the physician that he dies of the disease
That he would have cured in time gone by?
There died alike he who administered the drug and he who took it,
And he who imported and sold the drug, and he who bought it.
- Verses upon the death in Baghdad of the physician Yuhanna ibn Masawayh in 857 (243 H)
"Transistria" (Transnistria, but what the hell)
I'd once thought covering wars would be fun.
- Eric Campbell, Absurdistan
Aged cheese. Date Tens of Thousands of Sexy Singles over 50 or Single Seniors
- ad in Google on "aged cheese" search
Often I decide that I can't go on another minute without rating my favourite songs in iTunes or tidying my stationery drawer. I daydream that my lab mates look like the case of ER. Occasionally I envisage myself making a major discovery and winning a Nobel prize.
- Mhairi Dupre, first-year PhD student in evolutionary developmental biology at the University of Oxford, UK, "Graduate Journal", Nature, 8 June 2006
A first grader offered everything she had (about $700) because my brother lost his dog and that made her very sad.
- Neil Clarke, speaking about the reaction after his brother lost his house and "his beloved dog...who was like his child" , from  a lightning strike, Clarkesworld
Note that the cards are very open-ended: they don't say "give something to someone else." They don't even say "make someone happy." They say "Go do something good for someone else." And what we mean by that is: get creative. Go think about it; see what you could do. Have fun!
- The Generosity Game
Monaco - Luxury Yacht Show Fights Global Warming
- headline, PR Leap
Is it coincidence a human finger fits exactly into a human nostril? If not, why does my mum tell me not to do it?
- question in "The Last Word", New Scientist,. Read the answers here
Anyone see the origin? Anyone see the Big Bang? Anyone see the dinosaurs? These are metaphysical speculations.
- Kansas State Board of Education press secretary David Awbrey, quoted in Josh Rosenau's Thoughts from Kansas
I remember that I ate a chocolate cookie with orange marmelade filling. The cookie tasted like cardboard from space and I almost fainted by the strong sensations it caused to my tastebuds. I looked inside the halfeaten cookie and there it was; a universe consisting of small twinkling stars, suns and circulating planets.
   Somehow I was able to gaze inside this "cookie universe" and see the infinity that lie inside cookies. I tried staggering to describe what I saw to my equally stoned friend, and I remember myself calmly saying: "I think the sky is trapped inside my chocolate cookie..."
- "The Colonel", The cookie universe and Finnish mushrooms,
The most distressing aspect of teaching university students in Istanbul has been answering the regular question 'What do your students in America think of us in Turkey?', to which I have yet to find a better answer than 'For the most part, hardly anything at all'.
- Gerald MacLean, author of The Rise of Oriental Travel: English Visitors to the Ottoman Empire, 1580–1720
Getting caught playing poker gives professors all over the world a real reason to ban laptops in class. It is as almost as though professors all over the world were waiting for something to happen that would give them an excuse to forbid laptops and go back to their world of peaceful preaching.
- Lux Gurusamy, "Banning laptops in class is complete foolishness", Drexel University student newspaper
I was neat, clean, shaved and sober, and I didn't care who knew it.
- Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep
Give a bachelor some dal, some rice, assorted spices and masalas, a pressure cooker, some whiskey and a baggie of Mysore Maal, and he'll make himself quite a pleasant little dinner, thank you very much.
- Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, Criminal English
"Ummm, can't think of a title"
- title  of blog entry in World of Bowles: everything about me, updated reguarly.
Invisible gorilla steals Ig Nobel prize
- title of New Scientist 'breaking news' article
Nothing is so red in tooth and claw as market forces in the beer world.
- Carel Brest van Kempen, A more advanced amber ale, Rigor Vitae
I was quite nervous when I began my treatment, but at the end I can actually say these wonderful people made radiation fun!
-  patient comment about therapeutic radiology at a medical center
The removal of the tree's dead heart brings yet another advantage. The change of form from solid pillar to hollow cylinder alters the way in which the trunk reacts to mechanical stress.
-  David Attenborough, The Private Life of Plants, as extraordinarily wonderful a book as the TV series is great TV. But every one of his nature books is a masterpiece.
Dick's shed is a place of memory. At his funeral, one of his daughters sprinkled over his coffin shavings gathered from the floor of his shed instead of the traditional rose petals.
-  Mark Thomson, Blokes & Sheds
"I've heard people say, 'Tiger Morse was a fraud.' Well, of course she was. But she was a real fraud."
- Andy Warhol and Pat Hacket,
POPism: 'The Warhol'
It's one of those landmark events many will likely never forget--the moment they found out that Nintendo  was officially swapping the code name of its next-generation gaming console "Revolution," for "Wii."
- Parmy Olson, Iwata's Nintendo Lampooned For 'Wii' , Forbes
Let the college's standing drop in publications that rank universities, he said, and "my value as a human being feels like it's dropping."
- Peter Cohl, an "image committee" founder for Cornell, Cornell's Worried Image Makers Wrap Themselves in Ivy,  New York Times 
3,779 words later, I’ve finished my English paper on the sexual identification and decision-making of Anna Morgan in Jean Rhys’ Voyage in the Dark. The paper looks quite nice when you look at it from 10 feet away
- Elliot Back, Anna Morgan essay done

Getting an education was a bit like a communicable sexual disease.  It made you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you had the urge to pass it on.
 -   Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

"We like to think of evolution as progressive, but it is entirely possible that creatures with abilities as advanced as ours have come and gone before us."
- Eugene Linden, in
The Parrot's Lament and Other True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity
Many workers cannot afford to call in sick. The (US) federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 42 percent of all workers in private industry are not entitled to sick time. - Employers encouraged to let workers call in sick.
- Molly Selvin, "Employers encouraged to let workers call in sick", Los Angeles Times
The Sydney Dead Persons Society
People grow old and die because they have seen other people grow old and die. Ageing is simply learned behaviour.
- Deepak Chopra, quoted by Francis Wheen in How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World 
Nothing beats the convenience of Edgell canned vegetables, and you always know they're fresh.
- ad
Come watch the BUFFY un-aired pilot, eat free popcorn, and laugh at those 90's high-wasted pants.
- University of Melbourne Student Union's,"what's happening on campus"
I collect glass hen on nest covered dishes – and ONLY hen on nest covered dishes. I don’t know why; I just do.
- Shirley Smith , National Milk Glass Collectors Society
As you know we are on the warpath about counterfeit fobs.
- International Watch Fob Association
You're not losing hair. You're gaining face.
- Christine Lavin
Parasites are like hackers. They look for ways to make a system work against itself.
- Thoughts from Kansas, "Botflies"

There was never a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. From the very beginning of creation, God gave man dominion over all that was made, even over the dinosaurs.
- ChristianAnswer.Net
We salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who remove themselves from it.
Of necessity, this honor is generally bestowed posthumously.
- Darwin Awards
On the sixth day the Lord said, "Let there be music," and RocKwiz was born.
- TV ad for show on Australia's publicly-owned SBS
   'Blair's novels haven't any plots.'
   'No? Why's that?'
   'He thinks they're crude.'
   'I must read Blair's novels some day. Not just now. Later.'
   'The critics say they have a strange fearless quality.'
   'Well, that's always something, isn't it?'
- Hot Water, P.G. Wodehouse
More than half the herring caught in Norway are now turned into fish- food and sent to the salmon farms. It doesn't help that Norway is said to eat more pizzas per capita than any other nation.
- Fjordful of fish, Thalassa, SBS
Grass is not as passive as it might appear.
- David Attenborough, "The Leaf Eaters", Life of Mammals
Few persons who have not watched a toad can form any idea of the dexterous manner in which it uses its fore-paws .
- the Rev. J.G. Wood, "My Toads", Once a Week, 188 ?
Bill and I now judge events in our lives as to whether they are blog-worthy. When we’re together, we have an unspoken agreement as to who gets to blog about whatever cool thing we encounter . . . And he’s crestfallen if I haven’t read his entry before we go to bed.
- Julie Zickefoose, on All Things Considered, NPR
Why should I not publish my diary? I have often seen reminiscences of people I have never even heard of, and I fail to see -- because I do not happen to be a 'Somebody' -- why my diary should not be interesting. My only regret is that I did not commence it when I was a youth.
- "Charles Pooter"
My colleagues at NOAA (the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) . . . have to have a listener on the phone every time they talk to the press to examine what they are saying. This seems more like something Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia would do.
- James Hansen, NASA's top climate scientist
No doubt, lack of knowledge accounts for much of the assumptions of the existence of gods – gods and not just one God, as every religion has its own god or gods, which another religion proves there is no objective ground for assuming existence.
- Showan Khurshid, Freedom of Expression: the perspective of an Evolutionary Political Theory, Kurdish Media
I believe that the impact of an influenza pandemic will be akin to that of a blizzard on Washington, except that the effects will be global and rather than lasting a couple of days, it will go on 12 to 18 months. It will ultimately change the world as we know it today."
- Michael Osterholm, an internationally known epidemiologist who directs the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.
Novelists are merely those who have failed as contributors to the correspondence column. Unable to make the grade, they drop down a rung on the ladder and write novels.
- P.G. Wodehouse
The first sign of getting old is when you realise that Barbie is not really sweet or beautiful and actually needs a radical new hairstyle.
- Jessica Lavelle (age 11), The Sydney Morning Herald
Every schoolboy who has placed a crab or shore-fish in fresh water must know that it is poisonous to sea creatures. Not everyone knows, however, that a solution of common salt in fresh water is almost equally poisonous.
- W.J.Dakin's classic study: Australian Seashores, Fully Revised and Illustrated by Isobel Bennett
Sea water has been defined as a weak solution of almost everything.
- Herbert Swenson, Why is the Ocean Salty?
Local farmers are calling on the University of Hawaii to give up its patents on three kinds of taro.
- Scorecard , Nature
Anger is a brief distraction from grief, but within days it will wash back in, and families will once again look toward the God whom they had sought in the midst of the disaster.
-  Frederica Mathewes-Green , When the Miracle Doesn't Happen
Those that are addicted to gambling continue despite knowing that they cannot afford it, and that they will lose overall.
-  Gambling Addiction: Mental Health Matters
At its inception, the Greek alphabet probably was fairly complete in its inventory. Still, writing remained pretty much a 'primitive' business. For many centuries, there was no standardized Greek orthography. There was no distinction between capital and small letters, no punctuation and no word separation, and every region followed local conventions — sometimes using local letters of their own.
- Steven Roger Fischer, A History of Writing
The First Law of Economists: For every economist, there exists an equal and opposite economist.

The Second Law of Economists: They're both wrong.
- from Economist Jokes
[Thomas] Paine is best known for his book The Rights of Man, but his initial training as a corset maker probably better prepared him for structural engineering.
- M.G. Lay, Ways of the World: A History of the World's Roads and of the Vehicles that Used Them
Additional, the quantity of food and beverages can affect someone's comfort, laced into a corset. Too opulent dinners should be avoided at ambitioned tight lacing (nevertheless, some Ladies have the behaviour of an artist for opulent dinners without an effect on their wasp-waist in respect to comfort). Specifically food with swelling effect, like rice, cereals or carbonic aerated beverages (like Coca-Cola) can mar your healthy comfort. No doubt, any food cause flatulence should be avoided. Theatrical fainting-attacks (also an often repeated bias against corsets) at real meetings of corset-enthusiasts are hardly to see. Who participates first time at such a meeting, may be astonished on the wasp-waist laced ladies, merry talking and eating all time without any symptom to sink down by a fainting attack. At balls or other events, extended dancing is quite common.
- European Corset Society
Wednesday evening I'm taking stock of the rest of this week and it's not pretty: The Thursday evening workout won't happen because I need to be baking and said I'd go to sister's thing (evening workouts are often waylaid); Friday evening is also shot due to birthday dinner at restaurant. To top it off Easter is this Sunday so most of Saturday I'll be shopping and baking. I already decided I want to make the "Almost Better Than Sex Cake" and scalloped potatoes. This is turning out to be a lousy week for my new getting in shape plan.
- Kathryn Martyn, "The Weight Loss Lady"
"Solo munching is always fun and of course it means you don't have to share us with anyone else."
- package blurb for a.o. brownie bars, made in Australia
The wings, breast, and merrythought are esteemed the prime parts of a fowl, and are usually served to the ladies of the company, to whom legs, except as a matter of paramount necessity, should not be given. Byron gave it as one reason why he did not like dining with ladies, that they always had the wings of the fowls, which he himself preferred.
- Mrs Isabella Beeton, The Book of Household Management, 1861
In about 700 B.C. the Assyrian king Sennacherib forbade illegal parking on the Royal Road in Nineveh. ... the penalty was death by impalement on a stake.
- M.G. Lay, Ways of the World: A History of the World's Roads and of the Vehicles that Used Them
History suggests that good times do not shake the British conviction that the world is going to the dogs.
- The Economist, "Whingeing Poms"
A: In my day, we had to program with ones and zeros.
B: You had ones? Lucky bastard! All we got were zeros.
- "old joke" (new to me) in Mark Liberman's Language Log
Critics of anthropomorphism tell us that animals are not people, which is true, but forget that people are animals.
- Frans de Waal, Animals and us: Suspicious Minds, New Scientist
If there be truth in the old saying, cleanliness is next to godliness, insects are but one remove from piety.
- Reverend Henry C. McCook, "The Daintiness of Ants", Harper's Monthly Magazine, 1905
But the truth is, that when a Library expels a book of mine and leaves an unexpurgated Bible lying around where unprotected youth and age can get hold of it, the deep unconscious irony of it delights me and doesn't anger me.
Mark Twain
Religions are like nuclear radiation. Of course they can be utilized to engender betterment for humanity, but only if limited to their peaceful usages and isolated under strict precautionary measures. Above all, their practical applications must be subjected to absolute scientific scrutiny. Take these safeguards away, and you will only end up with either one of two fates: an accidental Chernobyl or an intentional Hiroshima.
- Zaid Nabulsi 
Lots of men played in the gum leaf bands and old Charlie [Ardler] used to sing. People would come from miles around to attend the dances and hear the old fellas play. They used to harmonise with the gum leaves. It was very popular entertainment because it was so good.
-  Barry Moore, Geebungs and snake whistles; Koori people and plants of Wreck Bay
Q.Do you remember to have lost a blue coat?
A. Yes, it was taken out of my wardrobe; two volumes of Smollett's works, and a silk handkerchief.
from The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, for a trial for theft, 1798
In hindsight, many investors now know what they should have done a year ago.
- Tom Petruno, Market Beat, Los Angeles Times
"We have the BEST microorganisms!"
- Brenna Lorenz,
Microscopic Critters of Guam
Now white-collar workers face the grisly prospect that, with their Blackberries out of commission, they may have to pay attention to their children, rather than their e-mail.
- The Economist, "Black and Blue"
Don't Kill Your Wife with Work.
Let Electricity Do it!
- London Electricity Poster
quoted in Foolish Words  by Laura Ward
I discovered duck confit rather late
- Albiston, Il Forno 
As his senses dwindled, his courage had grown. He swam through the green twilight practicing a left jab
as occasional sparks of colored light exploded in his field of vision.
Then a cold wind was all around him, blowing down from the north with
a force that shook the limbs of the trees the way a child shakes the dead to wake them. White, pink, yellow blossoms tasted ice in the sudden gale and, fearing they had miscal-culated the onset of autumn, let
go their hold of summer.
- Jeffrey Ford,
The Cosmology of the Wider World

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Chicken Monkey Shoes – The short story about the creature that tried to take over the world through humour


Veiled Lady

"Ten hundred books I could write you about her . . ."

The genius of Myles Na Gopaleen
Above / Below
Dos-à-dos & Tête-bêche Bindings
"Graphic novels, and comics in general, are created with a unique synthesis of the written and visual forms that, at its best, is no less literary than the works of Herman Melville, Colin Wilson, George Orwell or any other author that may appear on the current school syllabus."
But picture books are not for kids
Reading differently
Feast in Wales
Lucy Sussex's "delicious" Duchess of Newcastle
There is Nobody Around
by Tekgül Özcan
Syringed fritters, Nun's Farts and Churros
The PhD & the children's book
How high degrees burn the pudding
More Than You Know
Molding fascists, one student at a time
The Company Articles of Edward Teach
by Thoraiya Dyer
The Angaelien Apocalypse
by Matthew Chrulew
Two novelettes, back to back in one volume
Beauties and Beasts: Buloh Beyond the Birds
Intelligent Design II
by Ian Watson
Driven by the rhythm of rising dough
The Boy Who Followed Lovecraft
by Marc Laidlaw
One More Unfortunate
by Kaitlin Queen
Seasonal Italian Favourites
'well again, you have had a wonderful career. I have missed most of it because I have been busy and also some of the titles didn't strike me.'
Fun with Theodulf

Raindrops on roses ... and whiskers on kittens

Speak Bird, Speak Again: Palestinian Arab Folktales

Why can't a Palestinian woman tell her own story?
Old-School Surprise
The Brian Boru harp
Kefir Farm at FARMshop
Creativity and addiction
Where are you going, you monkeys?
Folktales from Tamil Nadu
by Ki. Rajanarayanan
translated by Pritham K. Chakravathy
published by Blaft Publications
by Marc Laidlaw
Book haul and a plea for better artificial memory
Medical Mnemonics
Relentless Adaptations and Seamonsters and Vampires and a Latte Please
by Tansy Rayner Roberts
The Centre for Genomic Gastronomy
Who gives a brinjal?
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade
New York Philharmonic
conducted by Yuri Temirkanov
Molla Nesreddin: The Magazine That Would've, Should've, Could've
by the Slav and Tartar Collective
The limitless world of the small view
Hymns of No Resistance
Music for Another World ~
an anthology of Strange Fiction on the theme of music
edited by Mark Harding
published by Mutation Press
Watch and listen to Neil Williamson sing from his story "Arrythmia" from Music for Another World
Resistance Bites Again
by Robert Moreira
The Laundromat
fine art by Naomi Frost
Uterus Brooches
by Ricky Boscarino
The Lucifer Cantos
by Hal Duncan
published by Papavera Press
30 Speculation Road
"Much Sort After Location"
by Spike Milligan
Portugal's cork stamp
The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction Vol. II
translated by Pritham Chakravarthy
Intoxication by star fruit
Fruit crate labels and the lost art of agri-lithography
Alien squids vs. giant robots in tourism videos
Science for good or ill
by Chandler Davis
the new Heirloom Series from Aqueduct Press
It Walks in Beauty
Selected prose of Chandler Davis
Introduction & editing by Josh Lukin
Dorothea Dreams
by Suzy McKee Charnas
Introduction by Delia Sherman
Victorian Turkish baths: their origin, development, and gradual decline
OCCULTATION and other Stories
by Laird Barron
Miniature landscapes: Fungal art at its best
Delish paximadia
The Whale's Tale
by Edwina Harvey
Aranya's Last Voyage
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
Pokky Man, a Film by Vernor Hertzwig (Excerpt)
Cat Mask Flames
Writer's victory over "Orwellian" libel laws
by Ehsant T.
Dafydd ap Gwilym: Paraphrases and Palimpsests
by Giles Watson
Kumari Loves a Monster
I'm not telling you more except to command you to go here. Illustrations that you must see!
Louisa Burton's Hidden Grotto
Mister Gum
by Rhys Hughes
Come Fall
by A.C.E. Bauer
Aranya's Last Voyage
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
Delish paximadia
Pokky Man, a Film by Vernor Hertzwig (Excerpt)
OCCULTATION and other Stories
by Laird Barron
Cat Mask Flames
Writer's victory over "Orwellian" libel laws
by Ehsant T.
Louisa Burton's Hidden Grotto
Mister Gum
by Rhys Hughes
Dafydd ap Gwilym: Paraphrases and Palimpsests
by Giles Watson
Kumari Loves a Monster
I'm not telling you more except to command you to go here. Illustrations that you must see!
Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerers
by Lizzie Collingham
Compulsive Knitting: A show
by Daniela Edburg
Quantum dot fluorescence image of mouse small intestine
by Thomas J. Deerinck
The Four Steps of Standard Plastination
The Importance of Having a Minty-Fresh Export-Quality Aadi Velli Special Non-Cola Cola in the Tropicool Icy Land Urban Indian Slum
by Kuzhali Manickavel
Love in Infant Monkeys
by Lydia Millet
Help your child learn Engligh: Learning English through sharing rhymes
The science of natural history elevated to the status of art
Spider's Moon
by Lavie Tidhar
by Gail Carriger
The way to launch a book
The Perils of Custard
The Cancer Alphabet (by Ma. Ivy Clemente) and other stunning bioscapes
"These kids have TOO MANY SODDING TOYS"
The Whale's Tale
by Edwina Harvey
(for young adults)
Fungi Perfecti
Pencil and Leaf
"My darling Popsy"
Letters to a daughter from Kenya and India 1925 to 1932
A rant on proper manuscript formatting
The Impudent Child's Picture Book of Poetry
by Lela Dowling

One Foot Wrong
by Sofie Laguna
Pick a sinner
Vegetarian spider
Murder By Toaster: Mysteries With Surprisingly Lethal Weapons
Gay-Neck's final message
Marxist cream teas and gnarly geolocatable trees
Fijian bra program sparks charity debate
Red stars and bras
Pointy-Toed Shoes for Men
from Desiree Stimpert
How nonsense sharpens the intellect
Boris Artzybasheff's illustrations
Mahmool magic
Sharp Shooter
by Marianne Delacourt
Ludus Latrunculorum, the game of the highwaymen
Amazing Rare Things
Don't let Murdoch smash this jewel
T'ain't neither
White Charles by Sarah Monette
Albatross: Their World, Their Ways
Austerity 1: North London Dinner Party
Hoarding Traditional Lightbulbs
How usable is your teapot?
by Nurduran Duman
How to make a nudibranch cake
Propaganda and Espionage Philately
Picture the Bunyip
The Return of Greed: Banks Reopen Global Casino
A Map of the Everywhere
by Matthew Cheney
Over-analyzing fiction writing structure and why it is silly
I love you, so give me £163,424 and then eff off, you ...
Ancient Rome on 5 Denarii a Day
Frog : the amphibian world revealed
by Thomas Marent
Torturing poor mushroom
Cursed by comfort
Mantar Kurabiye
(Turkish mushroom cookies)
Detectives Beyond Borders: A forum for international crime fiction
Sybil's Garage no. 6
Mind Meld's Guide to International Science Fiction & Fantasy  Part I
Part II
More on Jarkko Sipilä's Helsinki Homicide
On the Lot and In the Air
Clever colours
The millionth English word arrives with great fanfare. So why am I still struggling to find the right one?
Nature a day at a time
Emma's dress
The Michelle's-dress obsession
Charu's ven pongal and eggplant gotsu
Death Dines Out
Twists of the Tale: An anthology of Cat Horror
edited by Ellen Datlow
Do-Over! by Robin Hemley
Still some room for Daddy
What a car is Tara Sharp's!
edited by
Dean Francis Alfar & Nikki Alfar
Pope Science
Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature
Genius in a bottle
Of course farmers name their cows! Just not after their wives
Objects of Worship
by Claude Lalumière
I don't usually write about writing, but in Lalumière's case, I did twice:
Do English-as-a-second-language writers (and speakers) have more fun?
On "Different Flesh"
The Accord
by Keith Brooke
"a rare treat" - starred review, Publishers Weekly
Herding Vegetable Sheep
by Ekaterina Sedia'
Middle-Eastern Gods: The current Top Ten
The top 10 Infectious Disease News stories of 2008
51 Versions of the Inaugurable Poem Remix
Economist Jokes
Printer's Error
& others:
The poems of
PG "Plum" Wodehouse
Delightful, delicious dumplings
Seeking a brand for Vietnamese paintings
Spiders: Learning to Love Them
by Lynne Kelly
Spotted Dick recipe
The Imaginary Invalid
Escape from Hell
by Hal Duncan
I want what she wants; Online shopping and the Harry Potter effect
East African drink fights Coca Cola
For Coca-Cola, things go better with USAid
A perfect storm of dots
Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe
edited by Ellen Datlow
(A Story of the Clockwork Century)
by Cherie Priest
The Mother of all Excuses Place
Lieberman 'Speaks Arabic'
The Holocaust is Over; We must Rise from its Ashes
by Avraham Burg
Felidae by Akif Perincci
"You'll never look at Tiddles the same way again."
Talking Cock
Electric Velocipede double issue 15/16
"Readers are sophisticated enough not to judge a book by its cover, right?"
When right is completely wrong
A Field Guide to Surreal Botany: an anthology of fictional plant species
Illustrated by Janet Chui
Weapons of Mass Desire
The Odd Music Gallery
"Dear Oyster’s Garter,
I am an attractive male sea squirt . . ."

Wool Organs
The National Public Toilet Map
Fairy Rings
Voices from Fairyland: The Fantastical Poems of Mary Coleridge, Charlotte Mew, and Sylvia Townsend Warner
Electric Velocipede double issue 15/16
"Readers are sophisticated enough not to judge a book by its cover, right?"
When right is completely wrong
A Field Guide to Surreal Botany: an anthology of fictional plant species
Illustrated by Janet Chui
Weapons of Mass Desire
The Odd Music Gallery
"Dear Oyster’s Garter,
I am an attractive male sea squirt . . ."

Wool Organs
by Sarah Hillenberger
The National Public Toilet Map
Fairy Rings
Voices from Fairyland: The Fantastical Poems of Mary Coleridge, Charlotte Mew, and Sylvia Townsend Warner
edited by Theodora Goss
Hopper Case Files:
The widower who wouldn't
Flaws on paws: Welfare problems in breeding pedigree dogs
Jules Vernian Analog Synthesizer
Saffron and Brimstone
by Elizabeth Hand
Hopper Case Files:
The widower who wouldn't
Flaws on paws: Welfare problems in breeding pedigree dogs
Jules Vernian Analog Synthesizer
Saffron and Brimstone

Caviar Emptor

Fabulous Whitby
The Gibbet Bell
Windmills split towns and families
The man with the musical broomstick
Lawyers curdle at "the other white milk"
No rains despite frog marriages
Hal Duncan interviews  translator Hannes Riffel
Kama SEAtra : Secrets of Sex in the Sea
Polona Tratnik microcosmos
Letter from Afghanistan
Elater or Pseudoelater?
World of Monsters
Get That Thing Away From Me
The Funeral, Ruined
Slime time
Molecular Expressions Microscapes
Shapely pear
Skunk: A Love Story
Do you have any Pomeranssinkuori ?
The Tenth Rasa: An Anthology of Indian Nonsense
Abol Tabol: The Nonsense World of Sukumar Ray
translated from the Bengali by Sampurna Chattarji
Making sense nonsensically: Sukumar Ray
The British Calendar Act of 1751
No Castles Here
A memoir?
Moths remember life as caterpillar
The incredible water bear
Attenborough launches project to stem butterfly decline
Dunn & Dunn's landmark butterfly survey
Do ants enhance diversification in Lycanenid butterflies? Phylogeographic evidence from a model myrmecophile, Jalmenus evagoras
The Major General's Song
Are there any vegetarian carnivorous plants?
Anatomy of a balloon animal
The Clapp Pear sculpture
by Laura Baring-Gould
"Who's that sniggering in the back?"
The Cloud Appreciation Society
Sea of Cortez
Marine Invertebrates
2nd Edition (Revised)
by Alex Kerstitch and Hans Bertsch
and don't miss
Roy Sawyer with an affectionate Haementeria ghilianii
Wearing your anatomy on your skin: The anatomy tattoo gallery
Moths of Sabah (Borneo)
The New Weird
edited by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

Biodiversity Mystery Theater Special

Yakinasu (grilled eggplant) ice cream

Using flu for world domination?

Blood of Dreams by Susan Parisi
The Tongue by Brendan Connell
Do you have any Pomeranssinkuori?
E.V.S.O. (Extra-Virgin Snake Oil)
80 Dollars? Seriously 80 Dollars?
Open thread C (with 563 comments)
Hidden Brain Imaging In Renaissance Masterpieces?
Reflections on a Summer Sea by
Trevor Norton
by Charlotte Sleigh
The laziness of magical realism
Absolute Uncertainty
100 years of solitude - on crack
Towards peace in and with Iraq
Map of Dreams
Lepus Animatus
The popiah-skin maker's popiah
In defence of imagination
The Endicott Studio
Journal of Mythic Arts
Spring 2007 issue
The annotated budak
Blogswarm against Theocracy
Conflicts Forum
Spiders of Australia
Why spiders aren't insects
The Sunshine Project
The beautiful cockroach
Preserving the Italian Way
Stretch's Lair:  Stilt History
Earth Alive! From Microbes to a Living Planet
Moorabaa-yeh Haveej
The Cristal Baschet

Domino's Pizza - School lunch program

I confess: Cineplex drove me to piracy
The legend of the boiling frog is
 just a legend
Three Tales from Sky River: Myths for a Starfaring Age
Sellafield Zoo - where the wildlife has a half-life
Is it right to write?
The Rosa Parks of Israel
A state of all its citizens
Dear Patriarchy
The Mocklore files
Swords, sandals and spaghetti
Stick Talk
How to make
homemade corn chips, homemade tomato salsa and homemade sour cream in India

February 2007
Pulp: A Collector's Book of Australian Pulp Fiction covers
War between two species:
A Lone Fly and an Angry Wasp
Pucker up: The fine art of whistling
History of Paan
"The" teapot
A freedom ride
The Arrival
and other books by Shaun Tan
(be sure to read his notes about them, including his thoughts about so-called children's books)
Claudia Roden, on food in London, "The post-colonial city"
Hunkin's experiments

January 2007
The virtue of sin
Early Hindu art in India
Is Pammy Art?
Cursively speaking
"The most interesting, surprising, and sometimes alarming"  of US Patent applications, 2006

A tantrum too far

December 2006
Salt of the Air
The Cloud Appreciation Society
Beaten biscuits
Feet in the Bible
Lifestyles of the spineless and slimy
Talk to the Hand
General observations on pudding and pastry
Urban Dragon Hunters
TThe wassail round in good brown bowls,
Garnished with ribbons, blithely trowls.
There the huge sirloin reeked
Thin Journal

November 2006
Squish-crunch vs. Crunch-squish
The Coup de Grâce
The Potato Museum
How big is the library of Babel?

The history of egg nog

What scat is that?
'The word "meat" may not mean the same to you as it does to the Food Standards Code.'
Sweetmeats in Bangladesh
How do animals see underwater?
Dazhdbog in Russian mythology
The Joy of Bad Verse
(out of print, so find a used one)

September-October 2006
When my husband upsets a whole neighbouring country
The men who can produce limitless amounts of clean, free energy
Wishful seeing
Fine but costly art
Accessorizing the Christian life: What would (can) Jesus sell?
Dung beetles - working for you
Bawds & Bordellos
Szilvas Gomboc and other
 Hungarian recipes
Exploding Rice:
"Perhaps the best way to enjoy a Riverbed production is not to try to make sense out of it, but to sit back and enjoy it."
I Hold My Father's Paws

August  2006
Uncle Phaedrus, finder of lost recipes
The red crystal and the Red Cross
"Like scattering landmines in the name of peace"
Prophetic medicine
Gnoli's 'Modern Bestiary'
Antiklerikale Karikaturen und Satiren
Fain the Sorcerer
The Descent of the Corn-Queen of the Midwest
Hunting the Welch rabbit
Open-source office software in Welsh

June - Sargasso 2006
The Gist Hunter & Other Stories
Way back yonder when
Fairy-ring mushroom recipes
The Fish Fry Collection:
Sporting designer style
Eau de Stilton
Dung beetles' food situation stinks
Killer bush
The savage life of Herbert Lehmann
Ich bin ein Apache
20th Century personal naming practices in Azerbaijan
Naming and classification of fungi and other organisms
Picardia Chicana: Latino Folk Humor
The Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy — now featuring 1,035 endoscopic images
Daddy, tell me a story
It will appear on your water and sewerage bill
US attacks Iran in reality game

May 2006
Blokes & Sheds
A tropical butterfly paradise in the dead of winter
"I just don't get poetry"
Iowa corn cam
Top ten: Weapons of the future
The man who wasn't there
Nylon Angel
Conch love
Kissing the right way begins in the womb
Fourteen Little Red Huts
Teen lit 'packages': Forget the young writer in a garret
New Grub Street
The Advanced Rutabaga Studies Institute
Radiation Fun Stuff

April 2006
"What my son notices are those things small enough to be contained in multiples in a matchbox."
Astonishing Animals
The fool enters politics
The 7th Circus of the Spineless
Apropos of Mrs. Charbuque . . .

A platform for my views

Where railfanning and science collide

Wine selections from the Wizznutzz cellar
Reporters Without Borders'
Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents
How the Sea People Mourn
Ibis, Scribe
Life After Exoneration Program
Heaven - Are you going?
Classic Devil's Food Cake
The curse of the little thunderbunnies

March 2006
City of Saints and Madmen


Crescent Moon:
Islamic art and civilisation in Southeast Asia
Bulan Sabit: Seni dan Peradaban Islam di Asia Tenggara
The Language of Moths
Oh spiky fruit, how I love thee
Circus of the Spineless: Wordless edition
The reinvention of self
Surveillance Camera Players
Dry Suckets
Everything you wanted to know
about Garum & Liquamen
Why I don't blog about my life

Of all that mankind has conquered, nothing is as great (and as unnoted!) as the  elimination of Effect from Cause:
A Pandemic Influenza: The inside story
B How to create new pandemics
C Progress

D"Saluting American Medical Innovation . . . that transform the world"

E How to turn Wolf! into chicken

F Animal-to-human transplants: Who pays, and with what?

February 2006
Flora: An Illustrated History of the Garden Flower
Flowers of evil: Potent chemicals lurk behind some of South America's most alluring blossoms
Where's the australus?
Passionfruit Melting Moments
Politics in Fantasy
Dangerous Minds
Automat Macaroni and Cheese
The Magpie sings the Great Depression: Student voices from the 1930s
The Girl in the Glass
Bringing Evo Devo to Life
Baker Tony baked a pizza...
The real meaning of nursery rhymes
Sans Serif history
A rapier fencer's view of The History of Fencing
Double-tongued Word Wrester Dictionary
Salsi di noci
Incident at Ainslee Grotto
The Sea Was Wet As Wet Can Be

January 2006
The fly in your eye
Shriek: an Afterword
Pod Pooja
Macchiato Lane
Hummingbirds and torpor
Sizzling organic chemistry dramas "be warned...I had to discontinue the plays because a student complained to the Dean that the plays were sexually offensive, even though: (1) the students were repeatedly reminded that atoms and molecules don't have gender..."
Cleavage in sea urchins
A man and his dog
Vellum: The Book of all Hours
Teaching gravity
'What goes up' ... is basis for a breakthrough
Apples and pears in Welsh literature
Branding Iftar in Istanbul is handy to mouthy
The Ester Republic
"Forsskål’s famous 'Fish Herbarium' " & more in the history of The Copenhagen Zoological Museum

"You can't screen for what you don't know exists"

Star Tricked:The Next Perpetration

Johnny Cash: A Tale in Questionnaire Results

December 2005
The Book of the Toad:
A Natural and Magical History of Toad-Human Relations
Different Flesh
Narnia represents all that is most hateful about religion
The great Christmas Plum Pudding Disaster
And this plum pudding collapsed, but there's fun shooting BBs at cream cheese
An Unrivalled Plum Pudding
An Elizabethan Dinner Conversation
CDC Wonder
When in Rome
Lost Over East Texas
Spondiferous not found
Butterfly Alphabet
AndyHat's 2005 Recommended Reading
The Clients of Caralios
Did you ever wonder?
History of the Nerd
History of Gangs
Adam, Eve, and T Rex
Love against the Law
"a hardy colonial seasquirt under attack from poisonous yellow dinoflagellate scum"
"Color cover and strange 1970s
ur-color throughout - full use of the word 'thru', the term 'strides' for pants, and repetition of the phrase 'stroll on', never used by a single person in real life ever."
James Bond theme was made for Mr Biswas

November 2005
Touched by His Noodly Appendage
Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
Unrequited Love
Published and Not Perished
The History of Cookies
Willy Willies and Other Weird Winds
Flu Wiki
The Featherless Chicken
"Pay no attention to the pseudo-academic bluster about pheasant pluckers, labiodental fricatives and the English longbow; this is a clever and amusing spoof, not to be taken seriously."
Detective-Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte
Nanopores: The Art of Sucking Spaghetti
The Art of Self-abuse
Beauty products from the skin of . . .
The Torture Garden
Losing a finger: it can happen to anyone
Spittoon plant

" The Kafka Project

Lysenko's Intelligent Design

Goodbye, Postcards

The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass
A Princess of Mars

October 2005
The reviews I did and did not write about Julius Caesar  - "It's never a good sign when you get half an hour into a play and have no idea what is going on or why Caesar's wife is a man."
 Am I Famo-- YES, You ARE Famous Now. Sheesh.
History & Psychosexual Aspects of Footwear
Songs of Leaving
Aussie Strine
The Three Little Wombats
Aussies losing broad ocker strine
Benjamin Franklin's phonetic alphabet
"It is not Mee. It is Yu -- Beowulf Yu. I have named myself after an English literature. You will be glad."
List of fictional cats
Common Errors in English Usage
boxed daily calendar
Present from the Past
Virtual open-heart surgery
An outbreak of semolina poisoning
"Death by vanilla pudding" recipe
International Chili Society
Pop-tarts and elixers of death: An examination of FDA's recall authority
Crossing the Camp
Bestseller in Mideast: Barbie with a prayermat
New textbook seeks to return Bible to public schools
Intelligent Design: An ambiguous assault on evolution
A fish with hands
Haven't you always wished you could remember that Albanian tongue-twister? Now you can!
1st International Collection of Tongue-Twisters

September 2005
Oyster reefs for shoreline protection?
Ashbury's Aubergines
How to buy dinner at a fancy French restaurant
Ordering food in America
Did God send the hurricane?
The alchemy website
The Universe of Bagpipes
How one should make the Zerena
Reading Kipling
We and They
"I'd bet Marlowe was constantly on the lookout for how he fared against The Big Will Shakespeare."
A novel approach to podcasting
Goode Cookys
Stephano's Biscotti Bikkies
Free speech: Going, going . . .
I owe it all to Nancy Drew
Genetics: a poem
Alchemy of Stars:
Rhysling Award Winners
Education: What it means to the Nigerian of today
A spot of clutter
Japanese home kitchens: Cluttered with convenience

August 2005
Bill Carter - Mug Baker
The controversial Pavlova dessert
"I come not to raise the pavlova issue, but to bury it."
L'Aquilone du Estrellas
(The Kite of Stars)
What do vampires really eat?
Phillipe Masson Ex Libris Collection
Fun with grapes - a case study
50 things to eat before you die
I Know Why Sales Clerks Fall From the Sky
Owls and owl pellets
A blind eye towards reality
Living in Sin
Nose flutes, bowed rebabs, and other musical instruments from around the world
Desert Fishes
The story of Burnt Njal
Pokerounce - a medieval sweetmeat
We are the Music Makers
Ukranian scandal sheet
Bureaucracy Club of the Antipodes Islands
They're Made out of Meat

July 2005
 Painted computer mice from Russia
The People's Choice Awards:
Nominate a New Deadly Sin
An official guide to the Land of Engles
They banned Louie Louie:
Music censorship in America
All about Alkan, the composer who wrote Funeral March on the Death of a Parrot
Yo, Wocky Jivvy, Wergle Flomp
The Anti-Spam Litigation League
Confessions of a lonely stripper
"Virtually unemployable" scientist slated to sell body to fund researchr
Maggot therapy
Finding a more human way to patch the body
The 1st Annual Art of Science Competition
Lachrymose and the Golden Egg
Hole in the wall
Glowing embers
Recipe: Hamine Eggs

Durian, "The God of all Fruit"

Ashera, the Israelite god's consort

The three monkeys of Israeli media

The wrong message to the world
Why birds sing
Bessie Smith sings

King M

 June 2005
Albert and the Lion
A Short Note About Poets
"The gostak distims the doshes."

A boy painting zebra lines on a horse

The Long Tail

Tagging Kids Like Cattle

Unravelling the Sari

The Faery Handbag
The Egg Cream Racket
Conchshells and bananas:
The Bengali way of birth
Cooking for the Gods
"... if one looks beyond the nonsense facade, there seems to be a glint of a message in it all - whether or not he intended it to be, we will never know.''
The Airy Transit Circle
The Mobile Bed-Object
Tuberculosis: The Enduring Enemy


University of the Psychogenic Fugue
It Takes a Sycophant
" Swiss scientists have realised the snake oil salesman's dream: a potion that increases trust."
Three secret lives
The origin of Pinkie
The Hedgehog Can Never be Buggered at All
The Barnacle Goose
Sredni Vashtar

17 May 2005

Australian Pie Floater
20,000 Tentacles Under the Sea ~ Cephalopods in Cinema
German-Welsh Dictionary
Bread of Embarrassments

Life in Stone

Murder Bottles and other exhibits in the Baby Bottle Museum

Suspension Chloriforeene

Lady Faraway
Taking a beating for science
The Laying-Out
Shetland fiddler
Privacy toolkit
Andy Goldsworthy - An artist who collaborates with nature

Italian traditional confectionery

Panforte di Siena

Australian weather and the seasons

"The 'golden age' of Campbellian science fiction is one of the worst things that ever happened . . ."
Moonbase foibles: moths to the light?
Shave the moon!
The Poet and the Cheese
Cheshire cheese: a slice of history
The Black Cat
The Master Cat; or, Puss in Boots
Chinese puppets perform Swan Lake
Swans and short tempers
A Houseboat on the Styx

1 May 2005
The Boorhaman Brass Band with a Man Mounted on a Bicycle and Dressed as a Giant Magpie
Visitants from the Moon
Chinese Moon Cakes
When your guests say "Delicious!" what do they really think?
The "guilt, frustration, over-optimism, sly deception, and compulsion" of knitters

Creationism, pluralism and the compromising of science

Baby vegetables

5-foot chickens

The cradle that is India

A list of deported convicts and vagabonds
Passing of the Minotaurs
"The website for the defence industries"
The history of butter
The King's Breakfast
The Black Crusade
The unwelcome mural find:
a tree covered with phalluses
"one of my favourites for the rest of my life"
Unusual Plants of the Galaxy

7 April 2005
"I can't sing, but I can carve."
"Shelter" and other "responses"
by Susan Wraight
The Orphanage
 " It is politically correct to say only nice things about a person when they leave this world, but it is also a disservice to humanity. "
Medieval gingerbread

An earth star

" I have trained my valet and chauffeur Badshah to do the shopping, but he'll never be a cook. He needs constant supervision. "

Bearded in Théodora
Travis Tea
Nostradamus predicts the future of literature
"One does not shuffle cards. One mixes!"
Squails and Crokinole
The Cherry Seed
Museum of Menstruation
The Legend of Jake Einstein
The courage to change the rules:
A Proposal for an Essential Health R&D Treaty
The hippo and the tortoise:
The true story
The hippo and the tortoise, in fiction
The eccentric mind
Longmire does Romance novels
A Wicked Voice

14 March 2005
Cane Toads: An unnatural history
Fantasy art in Australia
Rude Awakening
"Barbara, could you please pass me the Rhabarbermarmelade?"
The Secret of Laughter: Fairy Tales & Folk Tales of Ancient Persia
Die European Laughter Society
Laughter yoga workshop and raw food potluck
Dr. Stein
Modesty Blaise
(in a different league from Tarentino's trash)
Classic good girl & romance covers
Bath buns
"using pigs is morally preferable to using human stem cells."
"What if we were trying to design the ideal experiment in which a new virus that would infect humans would be cross-transmitted from pigs to humans? We would be hard pressed to come up with a better experiment than what is planned to be done with xenografts."
Decameron Web
Ever been killed with a song?
The history of marshmallows
Gout: The patrician malady
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Letterforms and the Image
Migraine aura symptoms gave rise to "Adventures in Wonderland"
The Adventures of Mr. Lear, the Polly and the Pusseybite on their way to the Ritertitle Mountains

24 February 2005
Indian mynahs in Australia:
The "Flying Canetoad" point-of-view
In defence of this
"misunderstood migrant"
"I boasted when my first scholarly monograph, The Age of Elizabeth in the Age of Johnson, zoomed up to the 1.5 millionth bestseller on, leaving Distributional Ecology and Abundance of Dung and Carrion-Feeding Beetles (Scarabaeidae) in Tropical Rain Forests in Sarawak, Borneo in the dust at a pitiful number 1.596 million. But today it stands at number 320,499, which is as close to "bestseller" as a professor of eighteenth-century literature is ever likely to see. I've therefore decided I'm a celebrity, and will no longer waste my time talking with little people."
"Fruits and Candies"
A recipe book with a difference
The Hoppin' Heathen Brewpub
The Deviled Egg
To be Christian or not to be Christian: a Viking conversation
Baking Bread in the World War I Army
Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts: The Subversive Folklore of Childhood
Strange Pleasures 2
Semen displacement as a sperm competition strategy in humans
Pavlov's Dog - Pampered Menial
Poe Pie
Toba Tek Singh
The EU and tomatoes
Jargon & Gibberish
Conversation of a resthome deputy director with guests on the day of their arrival
Six exploding knots
'Ay, ay,sir,' says I.
The life & works of Captain Marryat

3 February 2005
Southern Hemisphere constellations
The beautiful baobab
The Empire of Ice Cream
Faludeh Shirazi for a party
70 Most Beautiful Words in English
A mix of English, Hindi, and 350 million speakers
"There is no egg in eggplant."
Why is English so hard to learn?
' '"Communicating is much more than just speaking.", Webster.'
The magic of the accidental Nigun
Gateway of the Heart
Carrying Dates to Hajar
How the "k" got into the mackintosh
Mamoul: the best cookies in the world (or maybe just my favourite)
Sowing the seeds

Cabaret mechanical theatre

Preturnatural Biology 101

Plumage from Pegasus

Toys with morals

Anyone for a poop daiquiri?

"E. Nesbit did not particularly like children, which may explain why the ones that she created in her books are so entirely human."

'The Phoenix and the Carpet

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